Let's Bring Taco Bar to Poland


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Taco Bar, a Swedish 40-year-old restaurant chain, is now branching out, and in the search of our Polish Franchise Partner.

Taco Bar has since 1983 brought friends, families, dates, colleagues and high and low born (plus everyone in between) together over Tacos, Tex Mex and Margaritas.

We are a Swedish company founded by three friends after a trip to USA & Hawaii in the early eighties. The Taco, the Tex Mex cuisine and Margaritas was a given success in Sweden, and now we would love to take that success to Poland – with you.

Broszura polska

Why Taco Bar

Taco Bar is a well-recognised and popular Tex-Mex restaurant chain operating in Sweden. The first Taco Bar restaurant opened in Stockholm 1983 and today you can find Taco Bar at more than 45 locations all over Sweden. We are continuously expanding and welcoming new franchise partners.

We are now searching for a Master Franchisee or a Single Franchisee to take on the Polish market. The process is simple – perhaps you have an existing organization running a restaurant or hospitality business group, or in any other area and want to expand into the restaurant business.

Another alternative could be that you are running a restaurant today (150-200sqm) which can be remodeled into a Taco Bar and later on expanded into two, three and more locations making it a chain of restaurants within a region of Poland or a nation-wide business.

Some of our core values are a positive attitude, social and outgoing, and passionate to a fault about great guest experiences. Service & hospitality is in our bottom line.

Franchising is the shortcut to a successful enterprise and the advantages are several.

Franchising is founded on a co-operation between two parties, both of which are independent enterprises. These independent parts always consist of the franchisor who owns the trademark and the business idea, and the franchisee who rents the right to run their own business under the trademark.


  • A strong brand – it attracts customers, builds loyalty and strengthens marketing.
  • An established business system – helps the franchisee to establish their business, sell their products and helps to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Experience, knowledge, and support – aids the franchisee to develop his business to ensure it becomes a well-functioning and profitable business. The support can take on different forms, such as training, marketing, financial management and much more.

Be our partner

As stated above, we are in search of our Polish Franchise Partner. Our ideal partner is either a Master Franchisee or a Single Franchisee with that above-and-beyond potential, that will, together with us, establish Taco Bar Poland and bring it to the same level of success and brand love as Taco Bar owns in Sweden.

We offer an opportunity to sign a Master Franchise agreement and a Development agreement with total exclusivity over Poland or a specific Region within Poland.

To be a Taco Bar Master Franchisee we trust you have the same passion for service and hospitality as we have. Your team should be ready, with the backup from Taco Bar HQ, to start the high paced establishment of Taco Bar Poland as the new nationwide restaurant chain.

Taco Bar offers a brand with a 40-year-old proof of concept history, an operational and strategic HQ support team and a close collaboration between Franchise partners of Franchisees. In addition to this, Taco Bar has a cost-effective management system at every level, both at the local restaurant and the national G&A level.

At the moment Taco Bar covers the entirity of Sweden with + 45 locations serving more than two million guests every year.

Hard facts

Numbers are based on Swedish conditions and may differ in Poland.

  • Investment: The size of the investment for a Taco Bar restaurant in Sweden spans between 2 000 000 SEK and 2 500 000 SEK (approx €180 000 - €230 000) depending on the current state of the intended space.
  • Equity: 600 000 - 800 000 SEK in Own Equity per store
  • Royalty: 5% of sales
  • Marketing fee: 2% of sales
  • Signing fee: €15 000 per Store location
  • Additional: Marketing and launching investments

Beställ Taco Bar idag

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