The job

This is what the job looks like as Master Franchisee

  • As a Master Franchisee you sign a Development agreement to open between 7 to 10 locations within approximately five years. You’ll either have the nationwide sole exclusivity or sole exclusivity of a Region within Poland
  • Starting with the first restaurant, we will search for the perfect location together but you, as a local market expert, hold the reins
  • You build the first restaurant with guidance and blueprints from us
  • You orchestrate the Grand Opening, get the restaurant up-and-running and  achieving that sought after fan love
  • Soon after Grand Opening we start the search of a second location and at the same time we run the best restaurant in the neighborhood
  • Jointly we work on the supply chain with both domestic and international Taco Bar suppliers
  • You handle the marketing and communication with guidance and support from Taco Bar HQ
  • You always have an assigned and dedicated Taco Bar Manager with responsibility of the Taco Bar brand and its development

This is what the job looks like as Single Franchisee:

  • As a franchisee, you work with both small details and big visions. The tasks include everything from business planning, serving, mixing drinks, cooking and checkout service, to ordering supplies, dishes, repairs and marketing.
  • Working hours are irregular, both in the evenings and on weekends - as they are in the restaurant business. You are responsible for your own team and you must be able and willing to lead, organize and inspire your employees.
  • Furthermore, it is important that you are good at planning both your and your team’s time, responsibilities, and tasks. We will provide you and your team with continuous and professional support during the training period, during the opening and after the opening.
  • After opening your first restaurant there is the opportunity to open a second.

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