frequently asked questions

What do I need to consider if I want to run my own Taco Bar?

Two things

  1. The most important thing is that you have a genuine interest in people, the love of giving service and loving running your own restaurant.
  2. You need to have a dream and a vision of running the best restaurant in the neighborhood and as the next step, in the region and / or in the country.

What do I get?

  • A part of our extensive franchisees network where experiences and knowledge regarding profits, employees, service, premises etc are exchanged.
  • Support from Taco Bar HQ in form of training, supply chain support, logistics, economy, marketing and much more.
  • Furthermore, you get the advantages of a scale economy because we coordinate purchases and marketing. At the same time, you get to keep the personal and unique feeling that exists in a small company.

Who chooses the premises?

  • You will lead that work and we will jointly decide the place of the restaurant.
  • We want premises in an A-location where the customer base is large. Ideally there should be Working & Shopping area as well as a Residential area.
  • Ideally the premise is roughly 150 – 200 sqm in a street location with outdoor seating or in a shopping center. A proper kitchen ventilation is not necessary. 

Am I allowed to design the restaurant myself?

Yes and no,

  • The foundation is set and we follow a concept, we can do minor adjustments to suit your requests. However, we have to ensure that the restaurant is adjusted to fit the terms that apply in your premises.
  • We at Taco Bar will plan the restaurant to ensure that it’s in line with the concept and to guarantee that it follows the rules and regulations set by the government and different institutions.

Can I build the restaurant by myself?

  • If you are of the handy type you can most probably do it, however we recommend using a contractor that we know does a good job, has high quality standards and that doesn’t overextend the time and budget. It is important that your choice is well thought through considering that you yourself pay for the building expenses.

Can I modify or change within in the concept?

  • You must follow and adapt to the concept as decided in the Operations & Training Manual.
  • Taco Bar is built on the foundation that everyone follows the concept and business system. This ensures the quality, level of service, prices and premises all maintain the same high standard regardless of location.
  • Most likely we will make some minor changes within in the concept to fully adopt to the local Polish market. All changes must be approved by Taco Bar Group.

How do I get my training in running a Taco Bar?

  • Before you get to open your own restaurant it’s mandatory that you attend our basic training program and work at another Taco Bar in Sweden to learn the job.
  • Even your employees need to attend our basic training program. We will gladly assist you with experienced English-speaking employees during the start-up phase to ensure that everything is in place before you and your team take over. During the rest of the year, you will be receiving continuous support from our Operations Consultants who will assist you in developing your business and your team.
  • Our joint marketing includes digital marketing mainly at different social platforms, posts and ads, Taco Bar web, SEO on google and all the POP materials found in the restaurant – signs, menus, windmasters etc.

Will I like it?

  • It’s a tough job, but at the same time it’s so much fun. You have to be ready to work more than you usually do at a “regular job”, at least during the first two years. See it as an investment – you’re creating value in the restaurant, something you can accumulate if you decide to sell it in the future.
  • We as franchisor and you as a franchisee we are both incentivized by the exact same things – a feeling of freedom, doing something for yourself and being in control of your own time and state and building value in your own company.

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