Have your lunch at Taco Bar

Tacos + Lunch = forever

We serve lunch every weekday between 11am and 2pm. Pop by your closed Taco Bar and bring everyone you know.


Make the most important meal to the most tasty

Tacos for lunch make the rest of the day a whole lot better! It is an old Swedish sayin. Choose a lunch classic such as Burrito, Nacho de Luxe, Mex-Mix, Enchilada, Tacos Salad, Soft Taco or Quesadillas. And if you are in the mood for something new – try one of our seasonal flavours!

If you’re extra hungry, our larger options; Grande and Super Grande are always available. If you go Super Grande it’s hard to not get full even for the hungriest.

In most restaurants, a salad buffet, soda or mineral water and coffee with a cake are included. It differs slightly from restaurant to restaurant, but the taste is the same! Find your nearest restaurant.

Tacos on the go? We are experts in that!

Either with home delivery together with Wolt, Foodora and UberEats. Or better yet, download our app and order at a specific time (like 11:57) and the food will be waiting for you when you’re hungry and need to eat. Smart huh?


Taco Tuesday

If you are out for a bargain – pop by on a Tuesday. Because every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday and you get a Crispy Taco for only 19 kronor.

Eat as many as you like and still have money to spend!