Taco Bar goes Vego Bar

The heart of Texmex’s kitchen is green of pure nature. Green chili, avocado, coriander and lime are included in a lot of Texmex’s paradise dishes. So it’s not so strange that the vegetarian diet suits us so well.

If you have begun to start thinking about starting to eat more vegetarian, then you have really come to the right restaurant. In our menu you will find several different variations on vegetarian protein, always in combination with fresh vegetables in all our dishes. Try our beans, Chili Veggie or Vegme in over 250 different combinations.

Some of our dishes can also be vegan, as the vegetarian fillings do not contain any animal products. And now with both creme fraiche and cheese as vegan option if you like.

Welcome to a little greener Taco Bar – a vegetarian restaurant!