From pancake to taco

The year is 1521 and Spain has conquered the eastern part of Mexico. On a dusty and rocky road a fatigued donkey comes strolling. Sanchos Filippos wipes the sweat off his forehead and looks up towards the sun. Through the heat waves he seems to see the little village of Taco Mar. It has been four years since he last saw his hometown.

Upon his arrival he can see that everyone is gathered by the church square. His eyes get drawn to a pair of glittering black eyes hiding behind a fan. He immediately recognizes his beloved Margarita and just as expected, she reorganizes her yellow dress. The feast is served. The smell of a simmering rich spicy stew as well as salad and other fresh greens are all on the table. Sanchos has a firm grip over his donkey that is carrying a parcel carefully packed containing something he cherishes more than anything else – the special pancakes he learned to cook during his long travels in the south.

After a successful feast enriched with laughs, toasts and speeches, the time has come for Sanchos to donate his gift to the village. With great care Sanchos unpacks the parcel. The first to taste is his beloved Margarita. After taking her first bite she jumps with joy acknowledging Sanchos love for this gift. Sanchos eagerly teaches all the women in the village how to cook and prepare these pancakes and soon enough pancakes are being baked like never before. Everyone just has to taste them!

Shortly thereafter, a loud clatter of hooves is heard in the distance. The little village of Taco Mar is under attack from the Spanish army! The village people start fleeing for their lives. Luckily, they have time to grab as much food from the feast as possible. By folding the pancakes and filling them with everything that the feast had to offer they have just, without even realizing it, invented a new dish!

This could be the story of what we now call the Taco. A dish that has been enjoyed in every corner of the world, even in a small country in the northern hemisphere, a country called Sweden.

Story - Taco Bar