About Taco Bar

How Taco Bar Was Born

The idea of Taco Bar was born in Hawaii during the late 70’s when Peter, one of the co-founders, ate his first taco. It was also on this tropical island where he met his future wife Judy, who was born and raised in southern California and well accustomed to the Tex-Mex kitchen.

Once in Sweden, the idea started to evolve and a plan to open a restaurant became tangible. Peter, Judy and Håkan cooked different Tex-Mex dishes together, tried various products, designed floor plans and examined locations. On the 5th of March 1983, the first restaurant had its grand opening in Kungshallen right next to Hötorget in central Stockholm. The stream of guests was endless, and very soon the next restaurant opened on Slöjdgatan, followed shortly thereafter by the opening of another one on Kungsgatan. Thus the expansion of Taco Bar had begun.

In later years Taco Bar underwent a minor makeover with a new logotype, a broader menu with novel recipes, new furnishing and with rights to serve alcohol. However, the recipes for the hot sauces, Nacho De Luxe and Mex Mix, have not changed since their creation in 1983.

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