Special selected suppliers

The reason to a successful dining experience
We work with selected manufacturers and with raw products with high quality. Cooking and serving are done according to our high standards. We have all the permits and approvals required by the authorities, as well as a self-inspection program for cleanliness and hygiene.

To limit our environmental impact, we use as environmentally friendly and as little disposable material as possible. The number of deliveries has been reduced to a few special selected distributors, delivering larger quantities of goods.

For us, quality is most important of all. We are very careful about how our food are handled and where they come from. To get full control of this we have chosen to import some of the products from America. This applies to our jalapenos corn chips, corn and wheat & corn tortilla and beans – the basis for good tex mex. Spice mixtures and sauces are manufactured on own secret recipes.


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