The concept

Our Concept

If you ask us, the little border town of El Paso is the modern epicenter of a true culinary experience. Our idea is to offer a quickly served Tex-Mex dish under the brand of Taco Bar in a restaurant that is primarily run through franchise. Our brand is comprised of 3 components: our menu, guest service and atmosphere. With these three cornerstones in place, our guests always know when they’ve stepped into a Taco Bar.

Beluga caviar and foie gras are fantastic but from time to time nachos, tacos and enchiladas are the best dishes this planet has to offer – at least if you ask us. The root of an unforgettable gastronomic experience comes from good quality raw materials, which is why we handpick our suppliers with great thought and love. That is why we import our own nacho chips, wheat and corn tortillas from the USA and our guacamole all the way from an area in Mexico called Uruapan Michoacan.

In recent years it’s also been possible to order an ice cold Corona, a glass of wine or a frozen Margarita to accompany your favorite Taco Bar dish. Taco Bar is a simple and priceworthy alternative for a relaxed experience with food and drinks available during all hours of the day.

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