Franchising – what is it and how does it work?

The shortcut to a successful enterprise – advantages with franchising:

Franchising is founded on a co-operation between two parts, both of which are independent enterprises. These independent parts always consist of the franchisor who owns the trademark and the business idea, and the franchisee who rents the right to run their own business under the trademark. Franchising consists of three major parts:

  • A strong brand – it attracts customers, builds loyalty and strengthens marketing
  • An established business system – helps the franchisee to establish their business, sell their products and help meet the needs of the customer
  • Experience, knowledge and support – aids the franchisee to develop his business to ensure it becomes a well-functioning and profitable business. The support can take on different forms, such as education/training, marketing, financial management and much more.

If you ask us at Taco Bar what franchising is, the answer is simple. In short it means that you and other selected partners run one or several restaurants under our brand and under agreed terms and conditions.

The advantages are endless:

You are entitled to Taco Bar’s strong concept and thus don’t have to start from scratch with a completely untested idea. Taco Bar is a well- functioning franchising enterprise that works and that has developed several effective tools required for running a successful restaurant.

You are entitled to other franchisees experience and have the possibility to exchange experience and knowledge regarding profits, employees, service, premises etc.

You get support from Taco Bar in form of education/training, support, logistics, economy, marketing and much more.

Furthermore, you get the advantages of a scale economy because we coordinate purchases and marketing. At the same time you get to keep the personal and unique feeling that exists in a small company.

Few limitations

You have to follow and adapt to the concept. Taco Bar is built on the foundation that everyone follows the concept and business system. This ensures the quality, level of service, prices and premises all maintain the same high standard regardless of location.

You have to maintain a certain level of commercial professionalism and thus have to endure that Taco Bar will do checkups on your company in several ways, including economically.

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