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Owning a Taco Bar

Opening your own Taco Bar does not require any past experience from the restaurant industry or of entrepreneurship. The most important thing is your passion for people; that you have a positive mindset, are able to take action and lastly, show interest in and embrace our way of working.

Your qualities:

  • Enjoy meeting and interacting with people
  • Have a positive attitude – even under pressure
  • Motivated by offering good service and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Are outgoing and social
  • Are punctual and precise
  • Know the Swedish language
  • Have an orderly private economy

Financial requirements:

  • The company has to be an LLC
  • You pay for the building expenses as well as the purchase of fixtures, equipment and utensils. We will assist you with the project surrounding the restaurant planning. The size of the investment varies depending on the current state of the premise. Usual price intervals are 1 200 000kr – 2 000 000kr
  • Royalty: 3% of sales
  • Marketing fee: 2% of sales
  • Signing fee: Yes

Job description:

  • As a franchisee you will be working with both small details and larger visions
  • Duties range from cooking and serving food, doing dishes and till service, to ordering supplies, maintaining fixtures and marketing
  • Working hours vary, with work during late hours as well as during weekends. This is commonplace during the start-up phase.
  • You will be held responsible for an entire team. This requires leadership skills and being able to organize and motivate your employees.
  • It is of utmost importance that you can plan your own as well as other people’s time, responsibilities and duties.
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Lars Callebro, CEO and part owner of Svenska Taco Bar AB, has answered the most frequently asked questions regarding what it’s like running your very own Taco Bar

What do I need to take into account if I want to run my own Taco Bar?

  • The most important thing is that you have a genuine interest in running a restaurant. If you do, you can fill in the form found under the heading “Want to know more?” or <Click here>. If we find your application interesting we will contact you for an initial meeting where we will discuss Taco Bar and what it’s like being a franchisee. This meeting isn’t formal – the purpose is really just for us to get to know one another. It’s important that there is a mutual interest in order for us to become a strong team together; if you decide to join us you will be signing a five-year contract with us.

Who chooses the premises?

  • Either you’ve already found a premise or we have one and are searching for someone who wants to open a Taco Bar there. We want premises in an A-location where the customer base is large. Ideally the premise is roughly 120- 200 sqm in a street location or a shopping center. However, there are Taco Bar restaurants that are 55 sqm to 180 sqm.

Am I allowed to design the restaurant myself?

  • The foundation is set and we follow a concept, however we can do minor adjustments to suit your requests. However, we have to ensure that the restaurant is adjusted to fit the terms that apply in your premise. We at Taco bar will plan the restaurant to ensure that it’s in line with the concept and to guarantee that it follows the rules and regulations set by the government and different institutions.

Can I build the restaurant by myself?

  • If you are of the handy type you can most probably do it, however we recommend using a contractor that we know does a good job, has high quality standards and that doesn’t overextend the time and budget. It is important that your choice is well thought through considering that you yourself pay for the building expenses. We will gladly assist you in finding a good selection of different contractors.

How do I get educated in running a Taco Bar?

  • Before you get to open your own restaurant it’s mandatory that you attend our basic education program and also work at another Taco Bar to actually learn the job. Even your employees need to attend our basic education program. We will gladly assist you with experienced employees during the start-up phase to ensure that everything is in place before you and your team take over. During the rest of the year you will be receiving continuous support from our operations consultants who will assist you in developing your business and your team.
  • We have regular meetings with all the franchisees during the course of the year where we present the marketing budget and discuss how we together can push the concept to new heights.
  • Joint marketing includes subway campaigns, radio commercials, facebook ads and all the materials found in the restaurant – signs, menus etc. We hope you will conduct your own marketing in your local market; this is however something that you yourself will have to pay for.

Will I like it?

  • It’s a tough job, but at the same time it’s a lot of fun. You have to be ready to work more than you usually do at a “regular job”, at least during the first two years. See it as an investment – you’re creating value in the restaurant, something you can accumulate if you decide to sell it in the future.
  • We as franchisers and franchisees are both incentivized by the exact same things – a feeling of freedom, doing something for yourself and being in control of your own time and state.
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Start-up process

Once you’ve submitted your application this is pretty much what the process looks like:

  • We review your application and if you’re deemed appropriate we will contact you for a first interview.
  • First interview
  • Second interview – reviewing of contracts, terms, location and premise.
  • Third interview
  • Signing of agreements
  • Education and training
  • Floor plans and building
  • Recruitment and education of your employees
  • Grand opening of your Taco Bar
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