Catering for 10 up to 200 people

We present the very best we have to offer and you and your company make your own Tacos according to your own preferences.

If you are a small party of 10 people or are going to have a large event for 200 or more, we offer a tasteful solution that is perfect for all different occasions

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What is included:

Tortilla bread, nachos, hot sauce, sour cream, fresh salsa, salad, chopped red onion, coriander, grated cheese, guacamole, jalapeños, pink pickled onions, lime, and a mix of our most appreciated hot fillings

CARNITAS – The Mexican equivalent of Pulled Pork. Pork loin hickory smoked low & slow, at low temperature for about 10 hours. The meat is pulled apart and mixed with Mexican sauce with a taste of smokey chipotle and cumin. The result is magical.

SHREEDED BEEF – Finely marbled fox hickory smoked for over 20 hours to perfection. The meat is pulled apart and mixed with real BBQ sauce to be juicy and extra tasty.

SPICEY TACO BAR – Minced meat with a maximum of 10% fat content where we add some fresh onions and tomato puree, then season it with our unique taco seasoning.

CHICKEN – We season chicken thigh fillet with salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, oregano, cayenne pepper and black pepper. Perfect for our Soft Tacos.

VEGETARIAN – You can get almost all our vegetarian dishes. Choose between a hot spicy ratatouille on soybeans, called Chilli Veggie or our refried beans.

      You choose delivery:

  • Pick up: You pick up at a suitable restaurant.
  • Delivery: We book your delivery (cost will be added).
  • Full service: We help you with everything (quote on request)

We take care of all food, which means less work for you and more time for your guests / friends. If you want, we are happy to stand for “full service”, i.e. delivery, setting up, serving and removal.

Rent a Taco Bar?

Are you or your company / association / family or sports team in need of renting a restaurant or parts of a restaurant for your event, party or kick-off, then we can offer a different alternative. We tailor a solution to your needs. We have a number of restaurants that are better suited for these purposes and all have full rights, contact your local restaurant for more information.

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